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What to look for when choosing a Realtor?

There comes a point when you will want to buy or sell a home. There are many real estate professionals out there. How do you make the right choice?

Here are 6 tips from a realtor and what to look for when buying or selling your next home.

1. Does your realtor pick up the phone and call you back? Tip #1 always work with a realtor that will make time for you. That goes for lenders as well. No one wants to work with realtors who are impossible to find when you need them most. Especially the realtor on the other side of the transaction! There are always situations that come up and questions to ask. I always tell my clients and customers when you work with me that you gain a new best friend during the transaction. There are some days I talk to my clients more than my family. This leads to tip #2

2. Work with someone you feel comfortable with! Interview more than 1 person and choose someone that you are able to ask questions and communicate well with. Keep in mind some properties take some time to sell and it could take even more time to locate your perfect property. This person could be in your life for a bit of time and if all goes well it becomes a long term relationship. That is the whole idea. Market trends come and go, when you stay up to date with your realtor they will help you decide when the time is right to buy or sell again.

3.Technology! Technology!Technology! Use someone who is savvy with the latest trends. There are so many ways to market properties now.

4. Does your agent surround themselves with other industry professionals? Lenders, attorneys, title companies, home inspection companies, builders, photographers, stagers... The list could go on and on. There are always complicated situations out there, how do you save the day is the question? Once I was on the selling side and in the 11th hour the financing was falling apart and the lender was nowhere to be found (refer back to tip #1) I simply asked the buyer's agent to have the buyer call my lender and he can get it done. At the end of the day everyone is happy! Buyers are able to purchase, sellers are able to sell.

5. Most importantly work with someone who is a team player. Someone who tries to get along with everyone. Just because you're on different sides of the transaction does not mean it has to be difficult. We all want Win-Win situations. Buyers want to buy, sellers want to sell. Us as agents are just the piece of the puzzle to make it happen. Most often there are 2 agents involved, work together is always the main goal. Most often or not your reputation will precede you in this business.

6. Last but not least look for someone active in the real estate world - choose someone who knows the market, stays up to date with market trends. Work with someone who makes it their full-time business and passion to sell real estate, not your cousin's friend who happens to be licensed. Anyone can get licensed, but do they actively practice selling real estate?

These are just a few tips that I would look for when choosing to buy or sell your next home.

Next edition will title "know the difference between a Realtor and an agent"

As always I am here for all your real estate questions!

Vicky Dimino


Licensed in FL & MA

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