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Finding My Passion In Everyday Real Estate

Everyday I try to set myself apart from other Realtors; There are so many of us out there. We all choose to work with different people for different reasons. What makes me different?

My passion in real estate ultimately comes from the design process. I truly love walking into every single home or property. The distressed falling down property that needs new life, the new construction with bare bones waiting for it to all come together, the mid century that with some tender loving care becomes the hottest property on the market! How about thoses 150 year old antiques? They certainly don't make them like they used to!

Staying on top of the latest trends and designs help me recognize what buyers and sellers want in a home. When I walk through a property with buyers and sellers, I can pinpoint low cost updates that are sure to add value to your home. In one property, a client hated the closet in her kitchen and needed a homework space. This is an easy fix, we took out the closet and added a built-in desk with drawers. It looked awesome, like it was always there! She wished she had done it much sooner than right before the sale of her home. The new buyers were delighted with the space as well.

To see the before and after of these properties is by far the best part of the job. It makes my day when I get the phone call or text after buyers move in and can't wait to show me how they have renovated their new home. When a buyer walks through a property I am by their side helping them discover ways to make it their own. We achieve such results by finding the best use of space for them personally. Each and every client has different wants for every room, with my guidance, buyers can easily determine ways to make a property more adaptable to their needs. Being a Realtor is far more than just selling properties, we help you make a home with a lifetime of new memories!

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